Mississauga Square One District Condos

Mississauga Square One District Condos第一期

Daniels and Oxford联合打造

Square One District is a visionary mixed-use community driven by a clear purpose: to connect a future Mississauga and its people through human-centric design. A place where business, life, and leisure come together as one.

Experience retail, recreation, and dining, and all the benefits of the long-established Square One Shopping Centre at your door. Discover a new way of life, with the creation of over 18,000 urban residences. Reimagine the way you work, with a future-forward employment hub. In every way, this is a place with endless possibilities ahead.

安省最大的室内商场的主人Oxford与著名开发商在未来的十几年里规划联合打造一个Square One区是一个全新的混合用途社区。
其明确目标是:通过以人为本的设计将未来的密西沙加的市中心和多伦多的市中心一样, 成为商业,生活和休闲融为一体的地方。 在您家门口体验零售,娱乐和用餐以及悠久的Square One购物中心的所有好处。

At the heart of Square One District is Ontario’s largest retail destination, Square One Shopping Centre. Owned by Oxford Properties and AIMCo, and proudly managed by Oxford Properties, this already energetic lifestyle complex will be further elevated with the addition of new eateries, open public spaces, activated streets, and vibrant piazzas. The future West End Expansion will add animated open-air street scenes, increase walkability, and breathe new life into Square One District and downtown Mississauga.

A collection of new residential towers, designed with thoughtful building amenities, will provide sophisticated urban living. In addition to being positioned only steps away from transit, grocery, restaurants, shopping, and nightlife, both commercial and retail precincts are located conveniently nearby.

Square One District will become a seamless extension of the existing neighborhood and build upon the sense of community which already thrives among its various local institutions. Living Arts Centre is perhaps the best known of these – a major arts and culture facility which welcomes visitors for theatre, music, craft, and a wide range of community events. Meanwhile, there’s just as much happening outdoors at Celebration Square – the City’s official public open space that hosts live music, festivals, and everything in between.

When Square One first opened, it forever changes Mississauga. People flocked to the city, and businesses quickly recognized Square One to be a vital hub. Before long, a strong and lively community had taken hold, making it Ontario’s largest retail, entertainment and fashion destination. Square One has come to define the energy and attitude of the city that has grown up around it.

This spring, the vibrant and established lifestyle community will be elevated once again with the introduction of Square One District. This 130-acre master-planned, mixed-use community will offer condominium ownership and rental residences with every imaginable neighborhood convenience nearby. Discover a new way of life in spaces made for urban living, led by the Condominiums at Square One District – offering you the opportunity to live, work, play, and of course, shop at the center of it all!

The new office towers will strengthen Mississauga’s status as a leading commercial area and a highly competitive choice for employers and employees in the Greater Toronto Area. Reimagining the traditional downtown workplace experience, Square One District delivers future-forward office environments that will be an employment centre of choice for those who value a true work-life balance.

Square One District is brought to you by Oxford Properties and AIMCo.

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