28 Eastern by Alterra Only 1 minute away from the future Corktown Subway Station

6月2日安省政府表示,目前正在推进横穿多伦多市中心的安大略地铁线(Ontario Line),这是安大略省历史上最大的地铁扩建工程的标志性项目。


在疫情期间,用低于其他任何地铁站Condo的价格入手(低进价), 未来租售时实现市中心地铁站Condo的迅速投资升值!

The highly anticipated 28 Eastern by Alterra is coming.
This 12-storey midrise condominium in Downtown East brings you the best Toronto has to offer. 
Shopping Districts, Markets, Entertainment, Colleges and Parks will be at your fingertips.
28 Eastern is only a stroll away from the New East Harbour, an area that promises digital innovation, fun, entertainment, parklands, and OVER 50,000 jobs to some of the most well-known companies in the world.
Only 1 minute away from the future Corktown Subway Station:
1 minute to the King Streetcar, and close proximity to the Distillery District, St. Lawrence Market, George Brown College, Corktown Common, King St East, Canary District and more, this phenomenal area offers the best of Toronto in an enjoyable urban landscape.
Walk Score: 96  
Transit score: 100
Bike Score: 100
**Note: This doesn't account for The Corktown Subway will be coming in the future and only 1 minute away from 28 Eastern. This will bring tremendous convenience to residents and pose as a great investment for buyers.

28 Eastern距新东方海港仅几步之遥,该地区向世界上一些最著名的公司承诺提供数字创新,娱乐,娱乐,公园和超过50,000个工作岗位。

距King St电车1分钟路程,并且紧邻酿酒厂区,圣劳伦斯市场,乔治布朗学院,科克敦公共区,圣东国王区,Canary区等,这壮观的地区在令人愉悦的城市景观中提供了多伦多的最佳景点。

28 Eastern is the centre of everything that is great in the downtown east. 

Living, working and learning in the downtown east, with a walk score of 96, a transit score of 100 and a bike score of 100!  Just wait for the updated scores after the new Corktown station is finished next door!


  • Walk to the new Corktown station in 1 minute!  (current King streetcar stop – 1 min walk)
  • Walk to George Brown College in 9 minutes!  (closer than their own residences)
  • Walk to the Distillery in 3 minutes (but stay far enough away to relax with open greenspaces and a quiet, calm lifestyle without the tracks)
  • Walk to the Canary District in 2 minutes
  • Walk to Corktown commons 18 acre park in 6 minutes
  • Walk to St. Lawrence Market in 11 minutes
  • Walk to a dog park about 4 minutes away
  • Walk to East Harbour in only 17 minutes! (with 50,000 jobs coming)
  • Walk to the Path in 19 minutes
  • OR Drive / Bike / TTC anywhere in minutes!

This is THE location in downtown.  Great rents, huge demand and massive end user demand!

We Will have the best pricing the downtown core has seen since 2018 along with an great deposit program and incentive program.

While we will have a selection of suites in the 400’s,  majority units from the 500’s.



Sample Floor Plan:


Builder Approved Platium VIP Broker: Hong Yang 杨洪

Living Realty Inc.,

416-826-4860 (Cell)

647-339-6898 (2nd Cell) 



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